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Copper Lanterns & Outdoor Lighting: Inspirations, Answers, and Advice

Thursday, July 6, 2017

We're Doing It Again...Right Now!

Lanternland and USA Love List are teaming up again to giveaway a handmade copper & brass lantern made in USA with a retail value up to $400.  Contest ends July 13th, 2017.

Lanternland creates high quality handmade copper lanterns and outdoor lighting from solid copper and brass. Every Lanternland lighting fixture is made to order and guaranteed for life.

Choose one from three of our most popular indoor / outdoor lighting fixtures in the following sizes.
  • The Adams Pendant
    •  Small - 11" H x 6" W x 6" D with 2-60W Candelabra Sockets
    • Medium - 13" H x 7" W x 7" D with 3-60W Candelabra Sockets
    • Large - 20" H x 10" W x 10" D with 4-60W Candelabra Sockets
  • The Portland Pendant
    • Small -  13.5" H x 7.5" W x 7.5" D with 2-60W Candelabra Sockets
  • The New Haven Wall Sconce
    • Small -  9" H x 5" W x 4.5" D with 1-60W Medium Socket
    • Medium - 12" H x 6.5" W x 6" D with 1-60W Medium Socket
    • Large - 14" H x 8" W x 6" D with 1-60W Medium Socket
We offer each in lantern in your choice of finishes and glass making it easy to create the ideal lighting solution for your home or project. Choose from any our standard all-natural hand applied copper and brass finishes. Our finishes mimic the natural aging process to produce a beautiful, long lasting 'living finish' that will patina naturally over time. Each lantern also includes your choice of any of our four distinctive glass styles. Choose from clear glass, seeded glass, water glass or white glass.

So...which will you choose?

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lanternland creates Dark Sky compliant handmade copper lanterns and custom outdoor lighting made in USA

New Dark Sky lighting regulations have created a dilemma for experienced homeowners, designers and builders who need high quality copper lanterns and custom outdoor lighting that meets Dark Sky requirements. Lanternland solves this problem by creating Dark Sky compliant handmade copper lanterns & outdoor lighting.

Gatsby Copper Wall Mount Barn Light: Light source is
hidden is hood making this fixture Dark Sky compliant.

Experienced homeowners and design professionals know the importance of high quality outdoor lighting to both enhance curb appeal and increase safety. However until now, the options for high quality Dark Sky compliant lighting have been extremely limited. Most Dark Sky lighting that is commonly available is generic, imported, big box store lighting not suitable for historic homes or high end residences. 

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Why Dark Sky ??

The Dark Sky movement began with astronomers alarmed with the effects of light pollution and has spread worldwide. Today many communities around the world require outdoor lighting to meet Dark Sky requirements.  Environmentally conscious homeowners often choose Dark Sky lighting to reduce the effects of light pollution, increase the ability to see stars and to cut energy costs.

How do I know if my lighting meets Dark Sky requirements?

Dark Sky lighting should meet the following requirements:

  •      Only be on when needed
  •      Only light the area that needs it
  •      Be no brighter than necessary
  •      Minimize blue light emissions
  •      Be fully shielded (bulb hidden inside the fixture)

However, Dark Sky regulations do vary in different areas so it is always best to consult your local requirements if in doubt. You can get more information from the International Dark-Sky Association.

Keene Wall Light - Standard Version:   Bulbs are visible and face up.

Keene Wall Light - Standard Version

Bulbs are visible and
face up. 

Keene Wall Light - Dark Sky Version:   The sockets have been replaced with a single socket in the roof, bulb is now hidden in roof

Keene Wall Light - Dark Sky Version: 

The sockets have been replaced with a single socket in the roof, bulb is now hidden in roof

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How does
Lanternland convert lanterns to meet Dark Sky regulations?

Most often we remove any visible sockets and replace them with a single 60W Medium Base socket in the roof of the lantern.  The socket is placed deep enough so that bulb is recessed into the hood of the lantern and is not seen. 

An example Dark Sky Lantern Conversion: Waylon Bracket Mount Lantern 

Standard Version Waylon Wall Light: Bulbs are visible and face up.

Waylon Wall Light - Standard Version

Bulbs are visible and
face up. 

Dark Sky lighting complaint Waylon Wall Light: The sockets have been replaced with a single socket in roof, bulb now hidden in roof.

Waylon Wall Light - Dark Sky Version

The sockets have been replaced with a single socket in the roof, bulb is now hidden in roof.


Other options for creating Dark Sky complaint lanterns and outdoor copper lighting include the use of a built-in LED light source and design changes to shield the light source.

  Dark Sky compliant Blake Copper Wall Sconce with built in LED light source.

Dark Sky compliant 

Blake Copper Lantern Wall Sconce with

built in LED light source

Contact Lanternland today. Let our design team help you find the best Dark Sky compliant lighting solution for your home or project.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Houzz Pro Spotlight: How to Choose the Best Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Who: Andrew Medway of Lanternland
Where: Mesa, Arizona
In his own words: “No matter how beautiful the design, if the size is wrong, the lantern will not look good.”

For Andrew Medway, the right lighting is essential. It’s also something that he frequently finds is done wrong, and usually the culprit is the size of the light fixture. “It’s critical not only to match the style but also the scale of the project. Large homes require large lighting fixtures,” he says. 

Medway co-owns Lanternland in Mesa, which produces handmade copper and brass light fixtures and provides custom lighting, primarily for outdoor spaces. The first step of designing a lighting plan, according to Medway and his colleague Jenifer Tague, is to think about the project as a whole and consider both space and proportions. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Don't Leave Your Guests In the Dark: 3 New Lighting Designs for Outdoor Living Spaces for Summer 2016

Spring is here and summer will soon be upon us. Now is the time we start to think about outdoor entertaining. The right lighting is essential for outdoor living spaces; no one wants to be left in the dark. Copper and brass lanterns and outdoor lighting will enhance your home's curb appeal and safety while creating just the right mood for outdoor summer entertaining. Here are three exciting new outdoor lighting designs for 2016 from Lanternland.

Catalan Outdoor Wall Sconce Brass Lantern

Catalan Outdoor Wall Sconce Brass Lantern

Catalan Outdoor Wall Sconce Brass Lantern

Our new custom lantern designs for outdoor living are all handmade of solid brass by talented artisans in our USA Factory. Because we knew that these would be installed in a Mediterranean Style property near the ocean we chose to make them out of brass, the best metal to use for beach and tropical locations. Our customer selected clear seedy glass to complement both the lantern design and the extra dark brass finish.

Catalan Wall Sconce Brass Lantern Detail

Catalan Wall Sconce Brass Lantern Detail

Catalan Brass Lanterns Await Finishing

Catalan Brass Lanterns Await Finishing

Orbis Outdoor Pendant Hanging Lantern

Orbis Brass Pendant Lanterns Hang Over Outdoor Bar

Next, we have our beautiful new Orbis Lantern shown hanging over a bar with a walk-out covered patio. This is truly casual, yet elegant outdoor living.

Orbis Brass Outdoor Pendant Lantern

Hampton Wall Light Lantern with Scroll

Our third new introduction is our Hampton Wall Light with Bracket & Scroll, a classic English bell lantern design with an intricate scroll that complements Early American and traditional style homes.

Contact Lanternland at info@lanternland.com or give us a call toll free M-F from 9am to 5pm PST at 855 454 5200 for more info on these designs. Not quite what you were looking for? Let Jenifer, Andrew and our design team help you create the perfect lighting solution for your yard, deck, patio, pool, bar, outdoor kitchen or other outdoor living spaces!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Custom Outdoor Lighting for Beach House

This recent outdoor lighting installation features a beautiful example of a solid copper custom outdoor hanging lantern made by Lanternland for the exterior front entry of this stunning beach house in Corona Del Mar, California. We worked with the homeowner and designer to create the ideal lighting solution for this home. The end result combines a burnished Dark Copper finish with Clear Glass and a unique design that compliments the entryway perfectly. 

PRO TIP: Because copper and brass lighting will never rust or corrode, copper and brass are ideal for use in an ocean, beachfront, lakefront or waterfront locations. 

Additional photos show our Coronado Mission Outdoor Lantern on the Front Exterior, Back Patio and Side Entrances. All of these were customized to meet the requirements of our customers project. The lighting element has been moved to the roof to meet local Dark Sky regulations and the back-plates were elongated to accommodate the placement of the J-Boxes. These Coronado Mission Style Lanterns also have hinged doors and an open bottom too allow easy acess for cleaning and changing the bulbs. Shown in here in our Dark Copper finish with Seeded Glass.

Questions? Our design team is always happy to help! Email us anytime at info@lanternland.com or call us toll free at (855) 454-5200. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect outdoor lighting solution for your beach house, lake home, cabin or your everyday home.