Friday, March 8, 2013

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Baseball Is Back! Arizona Spring Training 2013

Greetings From Spring Training

March means the return of Major League Baseball Spring Training to the Cactus League in Arizona. Every year tens of thousands of baseball fans travel to the Valley of the Sun to experience major league baseball in the most intimate of settings. The players are often more relaxed will interact with the fans more than at any other time of the season. If you are a baseball fan and haven't been, put it on your bucket list.

This year 15 teams will be holding spring training in Arizona including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants. The full line-up can be seen below.

Arizona Spring Training  2013

Check out for all the latest info. 

Planning to attend? Come on by for a tour of our factory to get a behind the scenes look at how we create our handcrafted lighting.  

Who do think will win it all this year? Will the Giants win it all again or will we have a new champ? 

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