Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Baja Mission Style Copper Lantern Outdoor Lighting Collection by Lanternland

Southern California Mission Style Home

Mission Style architecture romanticized the Spanish churches of Colonial America. The earliest Mission Style homes were built in California. The style spread eastward and by the 1920's architects were combining mission with Arts and Crafts, Prairie and Pueblo.

Baja Mission Style Outdoor  Wall Light with Bracket by Lanternland
Lanternland used the essence of these styles to create our Baja Mission outdoor lighting collection. With the gently sloping roof and six sided design the Baja Mission collection is simple and clean enough for Mission, Mission Revival and California Mission style homes while retaining enough character and style to complement Arts and Crafts, Prairie, Pueblo, Log & Timber style homes. Combine with a vintage Edison style bulb for a truly authentic vintage look.

Lanternland Advantage

Baja Mission Style Outdoor  Pendant Hanging Light by Lanternland
All orders include our exclusive Lanternland Advantage allowing you to create the perfect lighting fixture for your home. Choose from 7 all natural hand applied copper and brass finishes and 4 styles of glass to create a one-of-a-kind handmade outdoor lantern. Free shipping is included on all orders for added value. And because we think aluminum is great for keeping drinks cold but not for outdoor lighting, all of our lighting products are handmade in the USA from solid copper and brass so that they will never rust or corrode, guaranteed for life. 

With Lanternland Advantage Plus you can choose from a huge variety of custom options; custom sizes from large to small, custom bulb and socket options including LED and low-voltage options, custom finishes, custom etched glass, custom brackets, custom iron mounts, custom designs and more.  

Why choose copper and brass for outdoor lighting?

Why use copper and brass for outdoor lighting? In addition to its natural beauty copper and brass is ideal for outdoor lighting because it will never rust or corrode. Have you even seen a piece of iron or steel that was left out in the elements too long? Rust and corrosion quickly destroy aluminum and iron left out in the elements, particularly in damp environments. When copper or brass is left out in the elements it will last for decades while developing a beautiful natural patina.

The Statue of  Liberty: A great example of a
beautfuk natural copper patina. 
The Statue of Liberty has been standing the New York Harbor since 1866 and looks even better today than it did then. Copper and brass have been used for centuries in shipbuilding because of their ability to withstand the harshest weather without rusting or corroding. 

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