Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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Houzz Pro Spotlight: How to Choose the Best Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Who: Andrew Medway of Lanternland

Where: Mesa, Arizona

In his own words: “No matter how beautiful the design, if the size is wrong, the lantern will not look good.”

For Andrew Medway, the right lighting is essential. It’s also something that he frequently finds is done wrong, and usually the culprit is the size of the light fixture. “It’s critical not only to match the style but also the scale of the project. Large homes require large lighting fixtures,” he says. 

Medway co-owns Lanternland in Mesa, which produces handmade copper and brass light fixtures and provides custom lighting, primarily for outdoor spaces. The first step of designing a lighting plan, according to Medway and his colleague Jenifer Tague, is to think about the project as a whole and consider both space and proportions.