Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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A Wednesday Walk Through the Factory

On Wednesdays Lanternland founder Ronna Nitzky takes a walk through the factory to see the handmade copper lanterns and outdoor lighting designs being made that day. "I like to walk through the factory, speak to artisans and see what they are making. I always learn something new each time and get exciting new ideas to share with our customers.", says Ronna. Join her as she takes her weekly walk through the factory and shows off some of the latest copper and brass lighting designs from Lanternland.

Ready? Let's go!

Hello and thanks for joining me on my weekly Wednesday walk through the Lanternland factory! Over the coming weeks we will get to see many new lighting designs. Sometimes it will be a classic design, sometimes it will be a new variation on a classic design and sometimes it will be brand new design.

Custom Jackson Post or Pier Mount Lantern

First up is a new custom version of our Jackson Post Mount copper lantern with a specially tapered body.

Custom Jackson Post / Pier Mount Copper Lantern

Custom Jackson Post or Pier Mount Copper Lantern

The standard version has a wide, rectangular body which gives it a very strong masculine look. This custom version has a more tapered body to give the lantern a more graceful feminine look. The 60W candelabra sockets were replaced with a single 60W medium base socket and a hurricane glass shade. The beautiful Dark Brass finish paired with Seeded glass combine to give this lantern a traditional rustic look.

Weston Wall Light with Bracket

Next up is our Weston Wall Light with Bracket copper lantern in our Raw Copper finish with Raw Brass accents, truly a beautiful combination of finishes and one of my personal favorites.

Weston Wall Light with Bracket Copper Lantern

Weston Wall Light with Bracket in Raw Copper with Raw Brass accents

Weston Wall Light with Bracket Copper Lantern - Detail

Detail: Weston Wall Light with Bracket in Raw Copper with Raw Brass accents

Like all of our hand-applied living finishes, it is beautiful when first completed and looks even better as it matures and develops a natural patina over time. This classic Early American lantern design shows well on both traditional homes and upscale cabins.

Thanks for joining me! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. See you next time!! Until then remember...

Your Best Source for Handmade Copper Lanterns & Outdoor Lighting Made in USA is!!

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